Origami Bird Base

The origami bird base can be used as a starting point for different types of birds, such as the crane and the flapping bird .  A square base plus 2 petal folds make a bird base.

You can learn to fold the bird base using either our video or the photo instructions below:

Origami Bird Base Video

Origami Bird Base Step 1: Start by folding an origami square base. Below is the square base and what you should have as a starting point.  

start with square base

Origami Bird Base Step 2: Fold the corners inwards as shown in the next two photos. Crease well and unfold. The creases are very important so go over them once, twice, three times.

fold outside corners

Origami Bird Base Step 3: Fold down the tip. Once again, crease well and unfold.

fold top corner

creased and ready for petal fold

Origami Bird Base Step 4: The 3 creases we've made in the previous steps will help us make the petal fold . If you've creased well, then the paper will "co-operate" and you can complete the fold rather easily. If you didn't crease well, it will be harder to get the paper to fall in place.

Lift the bottom corner upwards, and fold along the crease lines as shown and flatten to form a triangle.. 

starting petal fold

petal folding

more petal folding

completed petal fold

Origami Bird Base Step 5: Your bird base is now half-done. Flip the piece over.

backside bird base

Origami Bird Base Step 6: We'll repeat Steps 3 and 4 on this side. Fold in the three corners on this side to make crease marks.  Once again, make sure to crease well then unfold.

ready for petal fold

Origami Bird Base Step 7: Now lift the bottom corner and do another petal fold.

petal folding

Now your bird base is complete! completed bird base

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