Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are among the most classic of toys ever invented.  They are low cost, lots of fun to fly, and can be made by nearly everyone.

Many a kid has tossed one out of the window of a tall building, in schools and at home. I used to make these airplanes all the time as a kid, have competitions with my cousins to see whose airplane will fly the highest and farthest!

Kids these days have far fancier toys but I am sure they will love folding and flying these airplanes too!

Go on, help your kids or your friend's kids make these origami airplanes and have a great time!

There are perhaps hundreds of ways to make a paper airplane.  We will explore a few classic designs.

The simplest paper airplane


Better paper airplanes


High performance paper airplanes


Airplane with Landing Gear

Swallow Paper Airplane

Origami Circular Glider

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