Kirigami Owl Instructions

This is a simple but great kirigami owl. You only need to fold the paper once, then draw the pattern, cut and you get a great looking owl! You could try this with small and large paper to get a variety of different size owls!

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Kirigami Owl Step 1: Start with a square sheet of origami paper, color side up.

Fold the paper in half on the vertical axis as shown below. Crease well.



Kirigami Owl Step 2: Now draw the following pattern on your paper.


Kirigami Owl Step 3: Go ahead and cut along the pattern you drew in the previous step.


Kirigami Owl Step 4: Now comes the best part of kirigami, unfolding the paper!


Unfold the paper to reveal your cute kirigami owl! You can use this to decorate your homemade cards, scrapbooks, photo frames, book covers, etc.


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