Napkin Folding - Pyramid

The napkin pyramid is a basic design that you've seen many times, maybe without paying attention to it.  It's very easy to fold, let's get started.

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Fold the napkin in half along the diagonal

Napkin Folding Pyramid

folding napkin along diagonal

napkin folded into triangle

Then fold corners A and B to corner C, to form a napkin diamond.

folding napkin diamond

napkin diamond

Now turn the napkin over (left to right). 

Then fold the napkin in half again, by folding the top corner down to the bottom corner. 

napkin flipped over

diamond folded in half

Now place the fingers of one hand underneath the napkin as shown and raise it upwards, creating a pyramid.

That's all there is to the napkin pyramid! 

raising the pyramid

completed napkin pyramid

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