Origami Modular Sonobe Cube

Fold six modular Sonobe units and you can assemble them to make a cube!

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Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Step 1: Start by folding a modular Sonobe unit .

Modular Sonobe Unit Video

You should have the following to start with.


Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Step 2: Flip paper over. Make 2 vertical folds as shown.



Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 and make a total of 6 units. A cube has 6 sides so if you make 2 units of one color, the opposite sides of the cube will be of the same color.


Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Step 4:

Sonobe Cube Assembly Video

We'll start by assembling 2 units. Orientate the units as shown below.


Insert the tip of the purple unit into the green unit.



Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Step 5: Add a purple unit to the right side of the green unit.



Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Step 6: Flip the entire assembly over.


Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Step 7: Add a green unit at the top and insert the tips of the purple units into the green unit.



Origami Modular Sonobe Cube Step 8: You've completed 4 sides of the cube already. Repeat the assembly for the last 2 units and your origami modular sonobe cube is complete!


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