Origami Popper Folding Instructions

The origami popper (or origami banger) is a very popular action origami. It produces a nice loud "pop" and is easy to make. There's a video of the origami popper in action at the end of this page.

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Origami Popper Step 1: Start with a rectangular piece of paper (printer paper will work well for this). Crease the paper along the centerlines as shown below.



Origami Popper Step 2: Now fold all four corners to the centerline as shown. Then fold the popper in half lengthwise.



Origami Popper Step 3: Next fold the left and right sides to meet the center crease as shown in the photo below.


Origami Popper Step 4: FLIP paper over. Fold the left edge over to the right side and the origami popper (banger) is complete!



Origami Popper Step 5: To make it pop, hold it as shown, then raise it over your head, and swing your arm down suddenly. A flap will pop out and make the noise. You can tuck it back and repeat.



Here's a video of the origami popper in action:

Thanks to reader Nick from Oklahoma for submitting his photo of the origami popper. "This one is just plain cool to have." We agree!

Origami Popper at origami-instructions.com

From Katie in State College " Origami Popper! Lol. I love this sooo much! I'm gonna make one for all my friends! :3 "

Katie - Love your decorated paper and action sequence!

Origami Popper at origami-instructions.com

From Nicole in England:

Origami Popper at origami-instructions.com

From Faith in Tampa " This is My Origami Popper! I didn't get to color it Yet but it's all good."

Origami Popper at origami-instructions.com

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