How to make an Origami Snake

The origami snake is very simple to make.  With some imagination, it can be used as a base for spiders, dragons, Loch Ness monsters, etc.

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Start with a square of origami paper.  Fold it in two, down the center, then tear along the crease.

Origami Snake

origami paper for snake

square paper converted to rectangle by tearing

You now have a rectangle.  Start at one corner of the rectangle, and begin rolling the paper into a tube. 

You will roll diagonally as shown in the photo.  Try to roll as tightly as possible.

starting to roll rectangle, diagonally from one corner

continuing to roll origami tube

Near the end of the roll, you will need to roll the other corner of the paper in towards the main roll.  Make that roll tight also. 

Then continue with the original roll, in the original direction. 

The point of doing this is that the end of the roll will now stay put, without needing tape or glue.

Tighten the roll by holding one end in each hand, and twisting (gently!) in opposite directions. 

start rolling from the other end

origami tube finished

Now take your origami tube, and gently shape it into a series of curves. 

The resulting origami snake can sit up on flat surface and rear its head.

completed origami snake

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