Origami Kite Base

Once you've made an origami triangle fold, you can proceed to make an origami kite base. It is named for its shape like a kite. The kite base is an easy but important origami base and is used to make many different origami models.

We'll show you step by step how to make this easy origami base.

Origami Kite Base Step 1: First, you'll make a triangle fold. Start with origami paper color side down. Fold along the diagonal axis left to right (or right to left). Crease well.



Origami Kite Base Step 2: Unfold the paper.


Origami Kite Base Step 3: Now fold the right side to meet the crease in the center.


Origami Kite Base Step 4: Fold the left side to meet the crease in the center and your kite base is complete.


From the kite base, you can make an origami diamond base. Find out how!

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