Origami Petal Fold

The origami petal fold is often used when folding origami flowers. It's not difficult but may be challenging for beginners. Hopefully, this page will help make it easier.

Origami Petal Fold Step 1: To even get started on the petal fold, you'd generally have to make a series of folds already to get to something that looks like this. If you'd like to just practice, you can fold a square base first.


Origami Petal Fold Step 2: You really only need 3 creases to make a petal fold.


First, fold the right and left sides to the center crease.


Crease well then unfold.



Origami Petal Fold Step 3: To make that 3rd crease, pry open the paper.


The 3rd crease needs to join up with the other 2 creases. If you've creased well in Step 2, then you should be able to see the other 2 creases easily. If not, just go back to Step 2 and crease better.


Origami Petal Fold Step 4: So crease the top flap of the paper down so that the crease joins up with the other two.


Origami Petal Fold Step 5: Now, we're going to bring the 2 sides of the paper back to meet in the center. It will help if you re-crease or pinch the creases.



And that is the origami petal fold.

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