Kirigami Spiderweb Instructions

Kirigami spiderweb is a great project for Halloween! You can use it as decoration throughout your house or even as a stencil for your other projects.

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Kirigami Spiderweb Step 1: Start by folding the origami hexagon base . We've created a separate page of instructions for this origami base.

Follow the instructions on that page from Steps 1 to 6.

You should then have the following to start with.


Kirigami Spiderweb Step 2: Fold paper in half, bringing the left over to the right. Crease well.



Kirigami Spiderweb Step 3: Draw the following pattern onto the paper.


Kirigami Spiderweb Step 4: Cut the paper along the pattern lines. Discard the remainder of the paper.


Kirigami Spiderweb Step 5: Unfold the paper carefully and your kirigami spiderweb is complete!

Doesn't it look cool?



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