Origami Box Folding Instructions

The origami box is simple to make, and can be used to hold other origami pieces. Or important stuff, like candies. This origami box is also called Masu, which is Japanese for a square wooden box. Follow the step by step photos to make the origami box. If you prefer, we also have origami box video instructions .

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Origami Box

Start with a square 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm) origami paper. 

Flip the sheet so that the colored side is face down.  Now make two mountain folds as shown.

origami paper ready to fold

mountain folds on N-S and E-W lines

Using the mountain fold lines as guides, fold the four corners of the paper into its center. 

Then fold the right edge and the left edge into the centerline.

four corners folded into center

left and right edges folded to center

Now fold the top edge down and the bottom edge up, as shown below. 

Then I'm going to ask you to undo the last two-and-a-half steps!

top and bottom edges folded to center

The unfolded paper should like the one below. 

Now put your finger behind point A and do a reverse fold as shown as shown in the next 3 photos. 

One side of the box will be formed as you do this.

Do the same for point B and the other side of the box.

finish unfolding

creating side of box

side of origami box

two sides of box done

Now tuck in the flap as shown to form the third side of the box.

tucking in the flap

three sides of box complete

Turn the box around and repeat the sequence of the last 5 photos.   You now have an origami box!

tucking in the other flap

origami box complete

Serving suggestion with your origami box(candies optional):

origami box with candies

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