Origami Dinosaur Folding Instructions

Kids (and adults too) are going to love this one! But they will need some help to fold this origami dinosaur. This origami dinosaur was designed by Dr Stephen O'Hanlon (thank you!) and you can find his original diagram at fishgoth.com .

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Origami Dinosaur Step 1: Fold an origami bird base using a square 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm) origami paper.

Origami Dinosaur Step 2: Fold corner A of the bird base downwards as shown below.



Origami Dinosaur Step 3: Now fold the model in half along the long axis. Then rotate it 180 degrees counter-clockwise:



Origami Dinosaur Step 4: Next is a reverse outside fold to move corner B to a vertical position:


Origami Dinosaur Step 5: And do a reverse outside fold to start forming the head of the dinosaur, and an inside reverse fold to complete it.



Origami Dinosaur Step 6: An inside front fold forms the animal's front legs. Fold corner C downwards to form one of the rear legs...



Origami Dinosaur Step 7: ...then repeat on the backside to form the other leg. Then crease each of the rear legs as shown, and do a crimp fold to form the feet:



Origami Dinosaur Step 8: Now fold the lower part of the body inside, to slim the creature down a bit:



And there you have it, a fearsome origami dinosaur!


This is one well-loved origami and we've received many photos from readers who've folded it. Check out the photos , fold one yourself, show your friends! RAWRRRRR!!!!

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