High Performance Paper Airplanes

This airplane is not very complicated as paper airplanes go, but still produces nice gliding flights.

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Fold your rectangular paper down the middle, then unfold to create a crease. 

Next, fold the top corners into the middle:

High Performance Paper Airplanes

paper creased


Now fold the top point down to meet the bottom edge of the paper.  Again, fold the top corners into the middle line. 

top point folded down to bottom edge of paper

Now take the top point that was folded down, and fold it back up as shown. 

both corners folded onto center line

ready to fold body of airplane

Next, fold along the main crease to form the airplane's body.  Then fold each wing down.

body of paper airplane

one wing folded down

Finally, unfold the wings away from the body, and get ready to fly! 

wings unfolded from body

completed paper airplane

From Ed of Sudbury " This is my Origami paper plane. It is really 2 papers, both not glued, but just on eachother, making good weight for balancing. It's back has two flaps, to make it go up, and it also has 2 on the bottem, (which is not shown) which are ones that make the plane go down, during flight.

It is my best airplane, that I've kept for a couple months, becuase my first 15 tests, were a great flight, and it hovered the greatest! Wish I could of sent a video of its flight!"


From reader in Galliano:


From reader in Rotherham "This was fun to make and was very easy!!! :) <3 xx "


From Angelica in Las Vegas " origami high performance paper airplane. if any one could beat that i'll be impressed. "


From Ties in Roermond " This is my high performance airplane. Hope you like it! "


From Owais in Stamford:


From JD in Charlotte " Origami Plane (Best Plane). "


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