How to Make an Origami Cat

This origami cat is one of the simplest animals that you can make out of folded paper.  It is easy to customize the final look of the cat, to make it your very own.

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Start with a square 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm) piece of paper.  Fold and crease it along the diagonal like so:

ready to fold origami cat

origami cat - first fold

The fold the left corner on top of the right, and crease the fold:

origami-cat - second fold

creased second fold - cat

Now unfold the triangle so it lays flat again.  Then fold each corner upwards to make the ears:

origami-cat - unfolded

origami-cat - one ear up

Now fold the top corner over towards you:

cat - both ears up

origami-cat - head folded over

Now flip the cat over.  Optional: draw eyes, a nose and whiskers on the front.  What could be simpler!

finished cat


You can also combine this with a hat , to make an origami cat in the hat

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