Better Paper Airplanes

This airplane is an improvement on the simplest paper airplane .  It involves a bit more folding, but is not too complicated.  It is also one of the better flying paper airplanes around. 

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Fold your rectangular paper down the middle, then unfold to create a crease. 

Next, fold the top corners into the middle:

Better Paper Airplanes

paper creased

Now fold each outer corner into the centerline, as shown below:

Next fold along the main crease to form the body of the airplane.  Then fold each wing down, one at a time:

fold creased line to form body

one wing folded down

Finally, unfold the wings out from the body.  Now go fly it!

both wings folded down

finished paper airplane

Most paper airplanes benefit from using a paper clip as an adjustable weight. 

From Luis in Braganca:


From Angelina in Greensburg " Triple airplane...so much fun :D "


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