Origami Kusudama Chrysanthemum

We really love the looks of the completed origami kusudama chrysanthemum! It's pretty and has a cool ball shape. You can hang it up as a decoration or ornament. It also makes a great gift. This is a 6 unit kusudama.

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Origami Kusudama Chrysanthemum Step 1: Fold an origami flower coaster .


Origami Kusudama Chrysanthemum Step 2: Make 4 diagonal mountain folds to fold back the corners.


When you've completed the 4 mountain folds, the paper is now an octagon!


Origami Kusudama Chrysanthemum Step 3: We just completed making 1 kusudama unit. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 and make a total of 6 units.

Origami Kusudama Chrysanthemum Step 4: Watch the video below for the complete assembly process.

Origami Kusudama Chrysanthemum Video

Here's what your completed origami kusudama chrysanthemum will look like! It's an awesome orange ball!



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